Vystar Club FAQs

Club Tickets

How do I receive my tickets?

Starting in April 2022, all tickets, including Ghost Pirates season tickets, will be available via Account Manager. Our ticket scanners are equipped to simply scan the tickets on your phone, so you never have to worry about leaving your tickets at home! It’s recommended to add your tickets to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay in advance for seamless entry.

I am a Vystar Club Member, are ticket to non-hockey events included in my membership?

Enmarket Arena offers various levels of memberships within our premium seating community. Pending your level of membership, tickets for non-hockey events may or may not be included. For membership levels where tickets are not included in your package, guests will be guaranteed a 72-hour first right-of-refusal presale window to purchase your same seats for all publicly ticketed events.

How much will tickets to other concerts and events cost?

Pricing will vary from event to event.

What does the first right fo refusal mean?

First right of refusal is the opportunity for the club seat holder to purchase their same seats during a certain time period before being released for public sale. This will vary for some events.

Am I able to purchase additional tickets for other events?

Pending availability, yes. Please contact a member of our team directly to inquire about incremental ticket availability and pricing.

Once I purchase tickets to an event, how and when are tickets distributed?

Starting in April 2022, tickets and parking will be automatically loaded onto the Account Manager at the time of purchase.

What happens if I miss the deadline to purchase my same seats?

Your seat will go on sale to the general public. You can contact the Premium Seating team that you missed your deadline and we MAY be able to relocate you but there are no guarantees.

Do children need a ticket?

Children under the age of 2 do not, any older will need a ticket.

What is the Enmarket Arena ticket resale policy?

We understand that things come up from time to time that will prevent our members from attending an event. In a limited number of cases, members may request written permission to post tickets for resale. Any additional tickets purchased for an event (e.g. above the number in your agreement), may not be resold. Members who violate this policy will be classified as a Ticket Reseller and will be subject to additional restrictions including the possibility of revoked seats.

How do I transfer my tickets to someone else?

You can through your Account Manager Profile. Steps are listed below:

    1. Please login to Account Manager – click here to login
    2. Click ‘MY EVENTS’ to view all of your events
    3. To start the transfer process, ‘SELECT EVENT’ (**DO NOT click the red transfer button in the upper left corner)
    4. Select the ‘TRANSFER ICON’ to the right of the My Tickets header text
    5. Select the ticket(s) you would like to transfer
    6. Click ‘CONTINUE’
    7. Enter the information for your recipient (First, Last, Email, and optional message)
    8. Click ‘TRANSFER

If I am not a club season ticket holder, can I go in the club section?

Only guests with a ticket in sections 117 to 120 may access the VyStar Club during an event.

Can I show a screenshot of my ticket for entry?

No, screenshots will not be acceptable to enter Enmarket Arena or any premium areas within the arena. You must have your mobile ticket on your device.

Event Day

When does the Vystar Club open before an event?

The Vystar Club opens when the general doors open to the arena on show days.

How do I access the Vystar Club?

The Vystar Club is located on the main concourse, on the north side of the venue. It is located behind sections 117-120 and is only accessible to those with seats in those sections.

What sections are allowed to access the Vystar Club?

Sections 117 to 120 and guests with a suite ticket may access the VyStar Club.

I have a friend sitting in another section, may they come into the Vystar Club?

No, only individuals with a ticket to the Vystar Club (sections 117-120) may enter the club.

Food & Beverage

What type of food is served in the Vystar Club?

The Vystar Club will have interchangeable and unique selections of food varying based on the show. There is no set menu, however, we will try to provide Vystar Club members with an idea of food options, 48 hours prior to the event.

Do I have to pay extra for my food and drinks?

Yes, food and drink is not included with the ticket.

Can I reserve a table to eat in the Vystar Club?

No, all tables will be on a first come first serve basis.

Parking & Transportation

I am a Vystar Club Member with a ticket to an upcoming event, how do I purchase handicap accessible parking?

Please contact a member of our team to coordinate an accessible parking pass.

Will parking be mobile?

Yes, all parking passes purchased will be mobile only.

Can I transfer my parking?

Yes, parking may be transferred for an event by logging in to Account Manager.

Is parking included for non-hockey events?

Pending your level of membership, parking for non-hockey events may or may not be included. Complimentary parking is provided for all regular-season Savannah Ghost Pirates hockey games in the Lot A Garage.

How much will parking cost?

Parking will vary between $20-$25 depending on the event.