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Share your love for live entertainment with your group at Enmarket Arena and SAVE today!

The Group Sales Department at Enmarket Arena helps coordinate outings at our venue for community and corporate groups. Our group sales staff prides itself on providing professional, courteous service that will help to make your outing memorable.

Many of our concerts, shows, and other events offer special discounts and preferred seating for groups. A group generally consists of 10-20 people, varies by event and is based on availability.

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Group FAQs

What is a group?

For most of our shows, a group is considered 10, 12 or 15+ people. The number of people that qualify you for group sales discounts varies per event.

How do I know what events you offer group tickets for?

Enmarket Arena is constantly updating our Group Tickets page. For a current list of Group Ticket Offers look at the events above.

How do I book my group?

Simply give the Group Sales Department a call/email for dates, times and prices of the event your group is interested in and our staff will personally help you plan a group outing, provide the best available seating and save you money. The deadline for ordering group tickets depends on the event.

Private Events

There is fun for everyone at Enmarket Arena! Would you like to host a birthday party, family reunion, or office party? Throw a party with your group and catch one of our amazing events.

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Other great Group Opportunities:

  • Birthday Party Packages (Groups of 15 or More)
  • Employee Benefit Program
  • Boy and Girl Scout Patch Program
  • School Discount Program
  • Military Discount Program

Are there extra fees on a group sales order?

When ordering tickets by phone/email through the Group Sales Department, there is a charge that varies by event. Online orders are subject to regular ticketing fees.

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